Excellence Through Education

Excellence Through Education

This Mission Statement will guide the NESA and its members; and express to all members and non-members what the NESA will be and what goals the NESA hopes to accomplish.

The NESA is a non-profit organization made up of individual members who share in NESA a common expertise in energy services, specifically natural gas transportation & trading, electricity generation, transmission & trading and related financial services and common goals to expand these services.

The primary mission of the Association is education and industry networking which the NESA offers through national and regional seminars and conferences, professional development workshops, and technical training for the benefit of its members.

Further, the NESA at its workshops, conferences and seminars, provides forums for its members from all industry segments to participate in discussions to develop and refine views about current and far-reaching developments in the energy industry.

Further, the NESA will, through its standing committees, monitor activities applicable to energy services and may, from time to time, participate in industry efforts to increase the effectiveness and efficiencies of personnel and practices involved in energy services as expressed in the NESA Bylaws.

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