Scholarship Program Excellence in Education

National Energy Services Association and the industry we support have been the beneficiaries of a vibrant energy economy over the last few years.  Thus the Board of Directors and Staff decided to begin evaluating programs that would allow us to give back to our communities.

NESA’s Excellence in Education Scholarship Program is the first such program approved by the Board.  We encourage all Members to pass this information along to others outside our NESA family. NESA’s Scholarship Program will provide tuition assistance to a person pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree.  For Fall 2013 / Spring 2014 Semesters the Association will once again award up to SIX separate $5,000 Scholarships with $2,500 checks to be made payable jointly to the recipient and his/her college and paid at the beginning of each semester.  Scholarships will be awarded only once per recipient.  Applications will be available online beginning September 1, 2012.

For Fall 2012 / Spring 2013 Semesters the Association is happy to announce that three separate $5,000 Scholarships were awarded to the following candidates:

Jacob Clymer, Rice University

Amanda Foster, University of Houston

Heather Miller, Rice University

Recepients who received $5,000 in tuition assistance for the Fall 2011/ spring 2012 semesters were:

Danielle N. Barski, Texas A&M University

Richard E. Cooksen, University of Houston

Michael B. Pariser, Rice University

Savanna Speciale, Tulane University

Marguerite A. Thibodeaux, Tulane University

Sonya Y. Zhong, Tulane University

Recipients who received $5,000 in tuition assistance for the Fall 2010 / Spring 2011 semesters were: Elisabeth A. Miller, Texas A&M University Alexis L. Padilla, Texas A&M University Natalie P. Plentl, The University of Houston Allison R. Thomas, The University of St. Thomas

Recipients who received $5,000 in tuition assistance for the Fall 2009 / Spring 2010 semesters were:

Elizabeth Brumbaugh, Texas A&M University J. Ryan Dixon, Texas Tech University Kathryn M. Hoeffner, Texas A&M University Douglas E. Middleton, The Pennsylvania State University Recipients who received $2,500in tuition assistance for the Spring 2009semester were: Amanda Jean Brown, Texas A&M University Joseph Clayton Cowling, Texas Tech University Laura Eleanore Donnelly, The University of Texas Justin David Grant, Tulane University NESA’s Board of Directors and Staff would like to thank our Members and Corporate Sponsors for their support, which allows us to undertake this ambitious program.  Additionally we would like to thank the Scholarship Committee for their commitment to researching and developing this worthwhile program.

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